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Strip titlesets, titles, chapters, announcements, logo's, trailers, extras etc. Menu's with Movie Only or also keep a few selective extras too. Split DVD keeping original quality but also deciding what you want on each DVD (e.g. Episodic DVD's). Remove one of the two movies on the DVD (e.g. Widescreen & Fullscreen DVD's). MenuModder is now included in the package.When you first start DVDStripper this is the screen you see will after you have registered. It has 5 paths which need filling in:1. IFOEDIT.exe location2. DVDROM which contains the DVD3. Ripped files to be will be stored here4. An AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS will be created automatically within this folder and will contain the processed files5. Backup files will be stored here so you can always UNDO any mistakesIt's best to keep paths 3 and 5 on the same physical drive and preferably path 4 will be on a separate driveThere is a 6th path to set so click File then Options and you will see two paths. One is for Ifoedit which should already be set. The other is for your chosen media player if you do not want to associate the VOB's manually. Using this option will not affect your default VOB player. There is also two other options you can set. The first automatically saves paths instantly and the second is to automatically UNDO on exit. It is recommended you have both checkedOnce you have set all the paths click Rip using DVDDecrypter and leave the PC to rip the DVD. Once it's ripped you will see a screen like this:1. Settings for the media player. Autoplay will play the item every time it is changed and Force Player exit will help any hanging players2. This is the estimated size of the DVD after stripping3. All video items will be in this window listed as items4. File size of the item. Items larger than 12kb normally contain data, even though they may not playback it may contain unwanted material5. Title set which contains that item. Use this to determine which items belong to the movie or other parts of the DVD6. All the menu items are listed here and its the same again with very small files7. This will play the current selected item with the selected media player8. Clicking this will remove the unwanted item and move down the list onto the next item9. Keep the item and again it will move down the list10. When everything has been selected (example picture below) for removal the you click the Process and leave the PC to do it workDVDStripper will now process the filesAfter processing has finished, DVDStripper will start Ifoedit to update the IFO's and it's now best to leave the PC alone during this process when it finishes processing it should display the time it took to completeyou will now get the option of UNDO which will restore the DVD back to it's original state. It is recommended you UNDO as you may find you missed something and need to modify your selections. It is also recommended you play the DVD using a utility player to check the playback of the DVD and what it does and doesn't contain, before closing DVDStripper.Also when using the UNDO you can now process a 2nd DVD if you decided to split the DVD. You will also be asked whether you want to keep the original removal selectionsIf you select Yes all the items you selected for removal in the first run will now be in bold black text. If you decide to process again make sure you have removed the files from within the Destination VIDEO_TS folder. Leave the VIDEO_TS folder intact though. If you don't want to move the files then click BACK and create a new Destination folder and click NEXT to get back to the selection screenIf you decide to close DVDStripper but also selected UNDO you can reload the project if you use the same paths as when you first processedDVD stripping has never been easier than this from ripping to rebuilding as you can now strip anything you want from a DVD in 3 simple steps and anyone should be able to do it, even with minmal DVD knowledge!1. Setup the 5 paths firstly and then click the Rip button to rip the DVD to your Hard drive (speed depends on DVD-ROM) as it will start and setup DVDDecrypter for you.2. Browse through the ripped files using the TOOL's GUI which uses your default DVD player as the viewer but playback control is with the TOOL. When you see something you don't want you just click REMOVE and that's it. If you make a mistake you can Restore the item. It normally takes between 2-10 minutes to browse through the files once you get used to it and it also depends on the DVD content. You can also tell what you want to remove as it is highlighted in red in the main screen or marked with an * in the Mini-Nav.3. When you have finished deciding what to remove you just click PROCESS and within a few seconds it will process the VOB's. It will then update the IFO's and on average that may take anything from 2 minutes to 15 minutes. It is all automated after pressing the Process button so you don't need any Ifoedit experience at all, you just sit back and watch it do it for you!. If you want to do a DVD split you would first process the files for Disc 1 in the first run. After it's finished processing use the UNDO feature to reset all items back to KEEP.You must either use the BACK button to change the Destination path for Disc 2 or move Disc 1's files first and reuse the original Destination folder. Now you can remove the items you don't want from Disc 2 and process again. After the processing is finished your DVD is ready to burn if it's small enough or you can use any transcoding tool of your choice to reduce it to fit a blank DVDR. there is a simple guide within the zip file and there will soon be more guides available but if you have any questions feel free to ask in the forum as most hints,tips and fixes will be posted there.

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