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BabelPad is a free Unicode text editor for Windows. BabelPad supports the proper rendering of most complex scripts, and allows you to assign different fonts to different scripts in order to facilitate multi-script text editing. BabelPad supports the latest version of Unicode, currently Unicode 5.2.Open files encoded as :1. Unicode : UTF-82. Unicode : UTF-16 (Big Endian or Little Endian)3. Unicode : UTF-32 (Big Endian or Little Endian)4. Unicode : UTF-75. Unicode : CESU-86. Unicode 1.0 : UCS-27. Unicode 1.1 : UCS-28. Unicode 1.1 : UTF-79. ISO-8859-1 (Latin1) : Western European10. ISO-8859-2 (Latin2) : Non-Cyrillic Central European11. ISO-8859-3 (Latin3) : Esperanto, Galician, Maltese, Turkish12. ISO-8859-4 (Latin4) : Baltic Rim13. ISO-8859-5 (Cyrillic)14. ISO-8859-6 (Arabic)15. ISO-8859-7 (Greek)16. ISO-8859-8 (Hebrew)17. ISO-8859-9 (Latin5) : Improved Turkish18. ISO-8859-10 (Latin6) : Inuit, Lappish19. ISO-8859-11 (Thai)20. ISO-8859-13 (Latin7) : Improved Baltic Rim21. ISO-8859-14 (Latin8) : Celtic22. ISO-8859-15 (Latin9, a.k.a. Latin0) : Improved Western European23. ISO-8859-16 (Latin10) : South-Eastern European24. Windows CP 874 (Thai)25. Windows CP 932 (extension of Shift-JIS) : Japanese26. Windows CP 936 (extension of GB2312) : Simplified Chinese27. Windows CP 949 (Unified Hangul Code) : Korean28. Windows CP 950 (extension of Big5) : Traditional Chinese29. Windows CP 1133 (Lao)30. Windows CP 1250 (East European)31. Windows CP 1251 (Cyrillic)32. Windows CP 1252 (West European)33. Windows CP 1253 (Greek)34. Windows CP 1254 (Turkish)35. Windows CP 1255 (Hebrew)36. Windows CP 1256 (Arabic)37. Windows CP 1257 (Baltic)38. Windows CP 1258 (Vietnamese)39. EUC-JA (Japanese)40. EUC-KR (Korean)41. GB18030 (Extended Chinese) : Unicode-mapped superset of GB231242. GB2312 (Simplified Chinese)43. Big5 (Traditional Chinese)44. Big5-HKSCS (Big5 plus Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set)45. Shift-JIS (Japanese)46. JIS X 0201 (Latin plus Katakana)47. JIS X 0208 (Japanese)48. KSC 5601 (KS X 1001) (Korean)49. Wansung (Korean)50. Johab (Korean)51. KOI8-R (Russian)52. KOI8-U (Ukranian)53. ARMSCII-8 (Armenian)54. VISCII (Vietnamese)55. VIQR (Vietnamese Quoted Readable)56. TIS-620 (Thai)57. Mulelao-1 (Lao)58. TSCII (Tamil)59. TAM (Tamil Monolingual)60. TAB (Tamil Bilingual)61. I.S. 434 (Ogham)BabelPad can save the current document as :1. Unicode : UTF-8 (with or without a Byte Order Mark)2. Unicode : UTF-16 Big Endian or Little Endian (with or without a Byte Order Mark)3. Unicode : UTF-32 Big Endian or Little Endian (with or without a Byte Order Mark)4. GB18030 (with or without a Byte Order Mark)5. ASCII with Hexadecimal Numeric Character Reference (NCR) substitution of non Basic Latin characters6. ASCII with Decimal Numeric Character Reference (NCR) substitution of non Basic Latin characters7. ASCII with Universal Character Name (UCN) substitution of non Basic Latin characters8. ASCII with HTML Entity substitution of non Basic Latin charactersOther BabelPad File Features:1. Autodetects Unicode encoding forms and character sets declared in HTML or XML documents.2. Automatically convert CR/LF, CR, LF, Line Separator and Paragraph Separator characters.3. Option to convert Numeric Character References (NCR) and/or Universal Character Names (UCN) to Unicode characters on Open.4. Save line breaks as CR/LF, LF, CR, or as Unicode Line Separator [U+2028] or Paragraph Separator characters [U+2029].BabelPad Edit Features1. Left-To-Right (LTR) or Right-To-Left (RTL) page layout.2. Line Wrap mode or No Line Wrap mode.3. Drag and Drop editing.4. Multiple Undo/Redo.5. Indent and Unindent selected lines of text using TAB and Shift-TAB.6. Option to Auto-Indent text as you type (useful for writing code).7. Select a "word" by double-clicking and navigate by "word" by means of the left/right arrows (works for most Unicode scripts).8. Select a line of text by left-clicking in the margin (select a paragraph by double-clicking in the margin).9. Find and Replace functions.10. Select default font and font size from dropdown list on the toolbar.11. Configure individual Unicode blocks to always use a particular font regardless of which font is currently selected for default display.12. Status Bar displays codepoint and Unicode name of the character at the current caret position.13. For CJK ideographs the status bar also displays the Mandarin, Korean or Vietnamese reading for the character at the current caret position (choice of reading is user-selectable).14. Able to open and edit very large (multi-megabyte) files with little degredation in performance.15. Standard printing functionality enabled.BabelPad Rendering Features1. Utilises Microsoft's Uniscribe rendering engine to correctly render complex text.2. Option to render all Unicode characters as individual spacing glyphs (i.e. with no shaping or ligation of complex text, and combining characters not combined).3. Option to display text in different colours for all the different Unicode-defined scripts.Tools and Utilities with BabelPad:1. Font Analysis Utility : lists all Unicode blocks covered by a particular font or lists all fonts that cover a particular Unicode block.2. Font Information Utility : provides information about the currently selected font.3. Font Glyph Export Utility : export any or all glyphs from any font to file in BMP, GIF, JPG or PNG format.4. Font Coverage Utility : List all fonts that cover a particular character or all the characters in a piece of text or all the characters in the BabelMap edit buffer.5. Advanced Character Search Utility : lists all characters that meet specified criteria.6. UCD Data Utility : generates UCD-format data for a given range of characters for any version of Unicode.7. Character History Utility : enumerates the UCD properties for a given character for all versions of Unicode, including mappings to Unicode 1.0.0 and 1.0.1 where appropriate.8. Han Radical Lookup Utility : lists all Han ideographs with a given radical and number of strokes (covers all 74,394 characters in the CJK, CJK-A, CJK-B and CJK-C blocks).9. Mandarin Pinyin Lookup Utility : lists all Han ideographs with a given Mandarin pinyin pronunciation.10. Cantonese Jyutping Lookup Utility : lists all Han ideographs with a given Cantonese jyutping pronunciation.11. Yi Radical Lookup Utility : lists all Yi syllables with a given radical and number of strokes.12. Unicode Summary Utility : provides a summary of the script, block and character coverage of the current version of Unicode.13. Unicode Version History Utility : provides a summary of the repertoire of each version of Unicode from 1.0 onwards.14. Document Analysis Utility : provides statistical information about the current document, and highlights any invalid characters.15. Character Frequency Utility : lists all the characters in the document by frequency.

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Release Date: 10 December, 2012
OS: Windows
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