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Discover the full power of greenscreen, animation, color grading and masking with CompositeLab Pro. If you want to make a superhero fly or go invisible, turn actors into giants, create picture-in-picture presentations or color grade your movies to look cinematic, CompositeLab Pro has everything you need. A wide variety of sources can be composited, from greenscreen video to photos and CGI. Optimized for miniDV and professional HD studios, the keying process is easy and flexible.A precise freehand drawing system makes common tasks such as tidying composites, garbage matting, simulating depth, layer interaction and area-specific grading quick and easy.Rotate, resize, move and warp your videos and images, whether you need giant (or miniature!) actors, a flying superhero or picture-in-picture for news broadcasts and presentations.Filters can color correct your video and composites as well as create a unique, cinematic style for your movie. Any production will benefit from the visual improvements offered by digital grading.HD resolution support, additional grading filters, improved performance and enhanced effects engines make CompositeLab Pro the best choice if you want to take your movies to the next level.Charger user interface:* Multi-layer compositing of CG effects and stock footage* Dedicated cross-platform user interface* Full on-screen manipulation controls: Position, rotate, pivot, skew, four corner pin and crop* Flexible interface provides relevant and specific feedback* On-screen TV-safe and overscan boundaries* Canvas alignment snap-to-grid function* Powerful zoom function enables pinpoint precision* Integrated file browser for fast access to media content* Preview pane for examining media* RAM Previews for real-time project playback ensures minimal rendering time* Store favourite CG effects and filter settings in the preset library* Share and exchange presets with other users via the internet* Combine presets to build up new projects and dynamic effects* Comprehensive system and user preferences for interface customisation* Full mouse-controlled on-screen manipulation for swift and intuitive animation and attribute alteration* Numeric field entry and keyframe manipulation for precise animation and attribute alterationProject creation:* Precise control of project settings for optimum performance and render quality* Comprehensive framerate options: 23.976, true 24, 25, 29.97, 30, or 60 fps* Full HD video compatibility: 1080i 50/60, 1080p 23.98/24, and 720p 23.98/30/60* Project resolution sizes up to 1920 x 1080* HD-resolution compatible* 8 color bits-per-channel* Non-square pixel support* Full support for progressive and interlaced footage (deinterlacing and split field options available for maximum quality retention)* Automatic media analysis for project creation* Selection of templates for quick project creationTimeline editing and canvas:* Crop, rate and slice edits of effects* Automatic timeline length trimming* Mouse-based layer interaction enables effects and filters to be rearranged with ease* Single and multiple track views for complete control* Dynamic canvas displays exactly what you need to see at all times* Easy access 'bring to front' and 'send to back' layer control* Collapse and expand tracks for clear layout and viewing* Drag-and-drop editing and manipulation* Timecode and framecount displays* Frame-by-frame and quick-scrubber accessAnimation:* Keyframe animation* Design your own custom animation presets* Complete keyframe-based animation toolset* Manipulate keyframes on the timeline* Copy, cut and paste keyframes* Full smooth tweening system for quick and easy animation* On-screen visual animation tools for direct feedbackMatte filters:* FXhome Auto-key for rapid, easy and high quality bluescreen and greenscreen compositing* Extensive pre-key grading filters to help improve source footage (super contrast, gamma, hue shift, levels, saturation, etc...)* Professional keying filters for every compositing situation* Expert color difference key that can deal with even the worst greenscreens* Full chroma key implementation for color removal* Value keying for alternate color extraction* Precise control of range, black and white points, feathering, etc...* All matte tools fully keyframeable to cater for changing light sources and shot requirements* Hugely strong and fully animated garbage matte systemGrading objects:* Object-based digital grading* Isolate and grade specific areas of the frame* Apply grading filters to your entire movie using a single grading object* Enables sophisticated layering of grading effects* Full access to all grading and composite filtersMasking tools:* Create 180-vertex point shapesFast and flexible bezier drawing tools* Separate masking and garbage matte ability* Support for multiple masks and garbage mattes per object* Create image-based masks from alpha, luminance and RGB values* Control opacity, color, edge feathering and blend modes* Easy and strong keyframe and tweening animation system* Combine several mask and garbage matte shapes within a single objectGrading filters:* Over 35 specialised grading filters* 4 separate blur filters (fast gaussian blur, motion blur, radial blur, zoom blur)* Extensive color correction filters (including brightness, contrast, color balance, levels, saturation, gamma, super contrast)* Exciting collection of distortion filters (including block waves, emboss, fragment, mosaic, posterise, threshold, twirl)* Full keyframe control of all filter attributesComposite filters:* Stunning glow filter to enhance your footage, including full control of blending methods, colorise options, brightness and range* Advanced Gleam technique for dramatic simulated light rays, including full control of intensity, ray length, falloff, brightness and colorise options* Convincing light spill simulation to aid compositing over bright backgrounds* Incredible displacement map technology with full vertical and horizontal control - perfect invisible man camouflagePreset engine:* Instant access to your favourite CG effects* Create your own presets for future use* Import presets from other projects* Exchange presets with other user via the internet* Download new presets from the online FXvault* Built-in search function for locating the perfect presetRendering:* Real-time, scaleable, multi-stream, program playback* RAM-based, frame-specific previews of complex multi-layered sequences ensure minimum rendering times during your work* Real-time, full-screen playback on main canvas display for perfect clarity* Split field projects automatically recombine on export* Export to QuickTime* Export to AVI* Field-based rendering* Multiple blend modes for more complex composites* Export to video media or image streams* Individual layer export with automatic alpha channel inclusion* Fully custom render settings for complete export controlSupported formats and I/O:* Apple Quicktime .MOV* Directshow .AVI* Still images: PSD, BMP, JPEG, PICT, PNG, SGI, TARGA, TIFF

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Downloads: 484
File Size: 27.1 MB
License: Shareware
Product Homepage: Visit
Release Date: 05 October, 2012
OS: Windows
Download Location: Primary Download Link Broken? Report it!

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