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Anti spam security for Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Domino and GroupWise. Multi-tiered protection from spam, viruses / exploits, phishing and fraud.EMP Enterprise Anti spam installs easily on your server and stops the deluge of spam. Imagine your day without pornography, stock solicitations, pills, email-borne viruses and other objectionable content.Cross platform protection, certified compatible for Windows Server, Redhat Linux, Novell SUSE Linux, Apple Mac OS X Server.Download Note: The direct download link is for EMP 7 for Windows 32 bit.Runs on virtually all Microsoft Windows systems. Windows Servers(2000, 2003, 2008), Windows XP, Windows Vista. 32 & 64 bit compatible. If you are running Exchange Server, simply install, on the same server hosting your Microsoft Exchange Server.Spammers are now building and using tools that munge (or cloak) the text of UCE messages, making it impossible for many spam blockers to detect the trigger words they depend upon to identify the message as spam.Many of the anti-spam solutions currently on the market, use keyword or trigger-word lists to identify and filter undesirable messages. By munging the text and (often subtly) hiding the existence of these keywords, spam passes through keyword filters undetected.Extensible Messaging Platform uses contextual pattern signatures (not simple word/phrase lists) and will identify and stop spam which has been cloaked in this manner.EMP 7 is not fooled by these cloaking techniques. In fact, because of EMP's use of pattern signatures to detect spam, EMP actually zero's in and identifies the unique patterns these techniques generate, to stop spam cold. So, the more spammers depend upon these techniques to hide spam from our competition, the more easily EMP identifies the email as spam.Support for Microsoft SQL Server and mySQL databases.EMP includes an internal SQL database, which is adequate to support its database requirements.However, utilizing Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL as EMP's database, provides some real benefits, including:Scalability* Increased performance* Modification of data using applications other than EMP* Reporting utilizing any SQL compatible reporting tool* Faster EMP startup and shutdown* Both 32 & 64 bit operating system compatible* Stress tested at high message throughput levels.* EMP can process email at a rate equal to commercial mail servers, so there is no front-end bottleneck.* System resource-friendly operation.* Integrated J2EE compliant JSP web server.* Integrated SQL database engine.* EMP's user interface easily embeds within Microsoft Outlook, while still providing complete safety, by maintaining true quarantined message isolation.* Multi-stage, multi-technology waterfall screening* EMP leverages the optimal identification technology at each point within a message's lifecycle.* Perimeter technologies reject undesirable content* A high percentage of spam (such as messages initiated from known spammers, virus compromised Windows clients, illicit relay attempts, heuristics failure, etc) is identifiable without even allowing entry of the message.* Third generation Pattern based filtering - demonstrably superior to the outdated keyword/bayesian paradigm* Complete customer access to CPE3 pattern engine* Designate unique message disposition per pattern (quarantine,reroute,delete,reject,markAsSpam)* Easy quarantined message processingMail users can easily process their quarantined messages with their web browser. Privacy is protected, as users only see messages addressed to them.* Administrators can manage organization wide quarantineEMP administrators can manage all quarantined messages within the organization through the same easy web browser interface as the mail users.* Secure and isolated, true quarantineEMP's quarantine is a secure way to view suspect mail. It is not suseptable to, and therefore protects your system from the dangerous exploits which may be lurking within them.* Microsoft Outlook users maintain an integrated experienceBy setting an Outlook folders home page to EMP's web interface, users enjoy integrated quarantined message processing, while enjoying the security of a hardened shell between Outlook and the quarantined module, which exploits can not penetrate. The benefits without the risk.* View the raw message contentEasily view the raw text of any quarantined message (both header and body), to determine its true nature. Mail messages can have substantially different content when viewed within an email client. Mail clients process the text in a message to display the modified version the recipient sees.* Displays why the message was suspectEach quarantined message entry includes fields which list the EMP filter which detected the message as suspect, as well as the specific text within the message, with which the filter's pattern matched.* Unique pattern-driven contextual white listing by administratorsEMP provides pattern-based contextual white listing, in addition to more conventional sender-based white listing. Contextual white listing provides customers with the capability to designate patterns, which when identified within an email message, will force delivery of a message.* Easy web browser white list maintenance.Both administrators and mail users can easily maintain their sender based white lists from the convenience of their web browser.* One step white list and deliver for quarantined mailWhile reviewing quarantined messages, it is easy to white list and then deliver a message (or group of messages), by clicking Deliver Always.* Administrators quickly white list a sender for everyoneAdministrators can designate that a sender is white listed for everyone within the organization, by simply entering an asterisk within the recpient field.* Administrator review and modification of white listsWhen logged in as the EMP administrator, admins can manage all the white list entries the individual users have created.* Message disposition overview* Message rejection by reason* Top blocking filters* Top false-positive producing filters* Least efficient filters

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Downloads: 688
File Size: 58.1 MB
License: Shareware
Product Homepage: Visit
Release Date: 19 November, 2012
OS: Windows
Download Location: Primary Download Link Broken? Report it!

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Server Antispam    Anti Spam    Spam Filter    Exchange Server    exchange 2010    exchange 2007    Exchange 2003    Email Security collects software information directly from original developers using software submission form. Sometimes it can happen that software data are not complete or are outdated. You should confirm all information before relying on it. Using crack, serial number, registration code, keygen and other warez or nulled soft is illegal (even downloading from torrent network) and could be considered as theft in your area. Files32 does not provide download link from Rapidshare, Yousendit, Mediafire, Filefactory and other Free file hosting service also. The software has been submitted by its publisher directly, not obtained from any Peer to Peer file sharing applications such as Shareaza, Limewire, Kazaa, Imesh, BearShare, Overnet, Morpheus, eDonkey, eMule, Ares, BitTorrent Azureus etc..
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