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A simple but impactful way of organizing your notes. Create and organize colorful sticky notes and reminders with rich text notes. Effective Notes Reminder is a strong and reliable software designed to organize all your records into colored folders with reminders against them.It hosts features to manage your data impactfully via colors and folders, as well as in different sections and files.As it says in the title you can receive reminders. These can be set for all modules as you may need to be reminded with different things. The way in which you can be reminded includes pop-up windows and also via sticky notes.These can be colored to match the item you would like to be reminded of.The colored folders also affect the color of the pop-up reminder and also the sticky notes on the desktop. The colors can also be set to a specific color in the Options. The reminder can be easily turned into a sticky note on your desktop.All events, tasks, journals, notes and contacts have rich text and picture editing: Standard formatting tools: bold, italic, underline, line spacing, bullets etc Picture editing: soften and sharpen, grayscale and negative, crop, export, brightness and contrast etc. All records can be viewed via Agenda, that shows day, week, month, 2 months and many more.As you can see, there are three modes. They change in size to fit your needs.1. this shows the main note with capability to edit the record article2. This is a lot smaller. It shows the main buttons and the title3. This is the most compact. It allows you to minimize it to just an icon,Old data, not a problemBack dated event can occur many times, such as changing software or books, or perhaps small pieces of paper you wrote down quickly. Here you can insert it all into a seamless orderPopup remindersHere you can see the layout of a reminder. There are many details on show, but the main ones are the title and the article. In the header you can see the type of record and the time it is due. As well as the normal time you will also be prompted with a preview time.Auto CleanupAdding and removing categories is done automatically. When you delete all records from a set folder that folder is then deleted.Effective Notes Reminder Key FeaturesAGENDA AND PROJECTSThese are the two main sections you will find. The controls to change these exist in the status bar and the View menu. The status bar has two large buttons from which you can switch easily. Agenda page acts as your planner/scheduler where you can search via date ranges. The Project page is just that. It is your project (or many sub projects) and from there you can then choose to work within tree views and either the grid or the record's page.CONTACTS WITHIN FOLDERSThe key features found in this software consist of having not only projects, but also smaller sub projects that can house contacts and tasks independently. This makes running smaller sections of people, notes and events within separate parts, but still allowing the concept of moving people from one section to another. The fact of having contacts in a section does not limit the assigning of any person to whichever records you have.SEARCHING AND FILTERINGProject searchSearching within your project is easy. Firstly, you need to be within your Project page, and from there choose the Search tab. This will then give you the opportunity to search within title, article and folder names plus many other locations. In addition, you can use the standard searching criteria such as whole word and matching case. The search text you enter is saved for a future time. The list can also be cleared later via right clicking on the pane and selecting "Clear list."Agenda searchSearching via Agenda can also be done just as easily. This is slightly different as you "filter" your results via the date range and via the record types.The date range can be filtered in many more ranges than in most other organizers. This was important when creating this software that this could be done. Filters include, 1 day, 5 days, 1 week, 4 weeks, 2 months etc. This will be discussed more in Part 5 of this manual. The filtering of the record types can be seen more visually always in the status bar (at the bottom). This not only shows which type of records are available (with a number), but also which types are being used.CUSTOM PRINTINGThis is a brand new set of dialogs created solely to make the whole printing in program more streamlined. It consists of the older features that most people already know about. The features are initially included within a main dialog that acts as the preview window, as shown below. From this (on the left side is a pane) people can then select with simpler smaller dialogs to set margins, header and footers, portrait or landscape, or which printer to use. You can always see visually what settings you have chosen with the help of a small status box.CONTEXTUAL ARTICLE TOOL BARThis software bar is broken into groups of icons, for instance: editing - cut, copy, paste etc. This removes the initial overwhelming experience of the older-styled long thin tool bars that have become so commonplace. The grouping firstly makes you go to the right section before clicking on a button. It also helps you choose features that you may not normally select. The grouping is done in Review, Editing, Insert, Arrange, Fonts, and Pictures (Filters and effects). The Fonts and pictures groups will never be shown together. They are contextual to whatever content is selected. If you select text then you have no need to edit the picture tools and vice-versa.COLOR THEMES.Colors for the main window and modify dialog can be set via the small set of buttons at the top right of the main window. This will change the color of the main screen to reds, yellows, greens, blues, system colors etc. These are preset colors that not only affect the main screen, but also the color in the modify dialog.

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