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Ghostphrase is a symmetric encryption software that can be used with most email clients. A mouse-clicked screen keyboard makes it resistant to most keylogging spyware. The input clear text is not visible on the screen. It employs three passwords, and has a large internal key, generated with real 20-sided dice for true randomness. There is an over 70-fold excess random changes produced at each encryption. Max message size: 2000 characters. Ghostphrase is free to download as a .exe file. There are two pay versions, Silver and Gold. Silver users get to download versions with changed internal keys from a hidden weblink. Gold users get a CD/USB stick with a unique internal key, created on a stand-alone computer. All users are free to copy the software. A help text file is produced in the same folder. No cookies or similar are planted. The software does not connect to web or email itself. Current User password:Y39G5JAMLThere are already several good email encryption programs available. They are very easy-to-use, are often built in the email software itself, and some even allow saving of the single password, so it only needs to be entered once. Why would anybody ever want to use GhostphraseGhostphrase was developed with one priority: safety.Our philosophy will always be: it does not matter how many times you layer different public key algorithms over each other, as long as you are using an ordinary keyboard to enter the single required password, and your clear text message, using an on-line computer, you are not safe enough! Ghostphrase has a mouse-clicked keyboard which makes it impossible to log key strokes with most of the common key stroke loggers. The input clear text is not visible, which makes screen shot collectors pretty harmless at the encryption stage. Most of the major competitor email encryption programs employ master keys and password retrieval options. This is of course very unsafe. How can you trust the one(s) reading all the mail What happens when someone steals the master key or hacks the password database GHOSTPHRASE does not employ any of those dangerous options, but instead encourages usage in small communication units. Each unit can be as small as one pair of contacts, with unique key sets.The Ghostphrase cipher employs a bit size many times in excess of currently recommended bit size for both symmetric and asymmetric ciphers. In addition, safety is ensured by generating a large excess of random changes that makes it very difficult for crackers. For the max size message of 2000 characters, there is a 70-fold excess of random changes. For smaller messages, the excess is even larger. For a 100-character message, there is a 1440-fold excess random changes.Ghostphrase employs several different keys. The more often these are updated, the safer it gets. There is the large internal key made from 6000 die rolls with 20-sided dice. There is the Message key of 24 random digits, which should ideally be unique for each message. The Link password is intended to be shared only once, at the establishment of a new contact or small group of contacts. It is good practice to communicate only with people you know and trust. There is outstanding safety in having many different channels of communication, and in using a fresh key for each message, and a fresh key for each contact. This way, a cracker has to monitor so many channels that it becomes very expensive, complicated, and time consuming. In addition, any one password stolen cannot help to decipher the next message or any past message. By contrast, for a cracker of many public key methods, there is only one password to steal, and then the cracker has immediate access to all messages sent and received by that person.Registered users of Ghostphrase can utilize an added security level: the updated large internal keys. With the "Silver" registration, these updates appear regularily on a web page, from where registered users can download. After some time, the update is removed and replaced with a fresh update. The link address changes frequently, and only registered users are notified of the new links. This allows registered users to keep several versions of Ghostphrase and switch between them in a fashion to further increase encryption strength. The "Gold" registration option is a personal subscription of unique internal keys only sent on CD by mail. The NEW "Steel" option offers 48000-bit strength for anonymous users. Visit often to catch the briefly posted unique Steel editions! The Ghostphrase internal keys are generated by rolling real physical 20-sided dice. The reason They are very good generators of true random numbers. Most of the commonly used computer random number generators are only pseudo random, that is, they tend to create repeated patterns and predictability, something one does not want in encryption software. We powerfully recommend using one or several 20-sided dice for creation of the Message keys. Such dice can be obtained for a cheap price in most toy or game stores. Registered users of Ghostphrase get one of these after registration.A Ghostphrase encrypted message will be destroyed if it is older than two days, or if its name was altered. Also, each time Ghostphrase is run, previous clear texts are destroyed. So, yes, Ghostphrase takes time to use. You have to click in your message with the mouse button. You have to enter three passwords each run, and you should have alternate ways of distributing some of them to your contacts. But in return you get to exchange messages with much, much higher degree of confidentiality than what most other program can offer.

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