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Professional video processor and converter for HD video and HDSLR cameras. HD Stream Tools is a professional video processor that transforms overcompressed videos from HDV and AVCHD cameras to professional quality videos correcting quality problems caused by compression, upsampling the chroma information and converting the videos to a high quality easily editable formats. After the processing the videos can be saved in several formats depending on the final requirements. HD Stream Tools also includes several useful functions to backup, image index, manage audio, manage timecode, automated file renaming, and metadata extraction including apperture and shutter speed.HD Stream Tools include high quality conversion algorithms including chroma upsampling, deintelacing, pulldown removal, framerate conversion, and enhancing filters designed for AVCHD and HDV restoring, digital zoom and much more. One step/multiple functions workflow, HD Stream Tools restores videos from compression degradation, upsampling color information and resampling to project target size and framerate , performs backup of original files, extracts metadata and timecode information, processes and extracts audio tracks ,set file names to match project name, saves metadata and image reference index, and stores processed videos using high quality codec ready for editing.1. Frame rate conversionsHD Stream Tools include functions to change the frame rate of processed videos. The "Frame rate" panel changes only the output frame rate of processed videos, and the "Field Processing settings" panel changes also the video frame structure, adding or removing frames to match the field processing setting.2. Perfect Slow MotionGetting perfect slow motion implies recording the video at higher frame rate that final video frame rate. if final video is 24p or 25p, then video can be recorded at 30p, for slight slow motion, or 50i,50p, 60i and 60p.3. Convert to 24pPerfect quality conversion to 24p is possible from these input frame rates: 25p 50i 50p 60i 60p.4. SuperWhites and SuperBlacksUsually video cameras record levels using a TV reduced dynamic range, however most camera models can record image levels over this reduced range. When converting or editing the video, this extra range is lost and depending on video exposure the hilights may be lost. By preserving SuperWhites you can get this extra quality range.5. DeinterlacingHD Stream Tools support two deinterlaced modes, normal quality, and motion adaptive deinterlacing.6. DVD TargetingHD Stream Tools support high quality DVD output from HD videos. Depending on final requirements you can get interlaced or progressive DVD output.7. Video FormatsHD Stream Tools (windows) supports any video for windows codec installed in the system. Also it has several built in codecs and support for wrting AVI and MOV file types. Please note that timecode information is only saved on video file when using MOV formats.* MJPEG (AVI and MOV)* DNxHD (MOV)* HUFFYUV (AVI)* MPEG2 (AVI and MOV)* LJPEG (AVI)8. Audio ProcessingHD Stream Tools supports 2 and 6 channel audio formats. Audio can be extracted audio from video files in WAV uncompressed format, by checking the button "Extract Audio". The WAV file will be named exactly as video file.Features:1. High quality resize to HD and SD, NTSC and PAL formats,supporting scaling to and from interlaced formats.2. Chroma upsampling from 4:2:0 to 4:4:2 or 4:4:43. Frame rate change , including 30i to 25p/24p and slow motion.4. Profesional high quality adaptive motion adaptive deinterlacing.5. Perfect pulldown removal for 24p embedded on 60i streams (no frame blending).6. Levels correction for TV or PC preserving SuperWhites to increase video dynamic range.7. Automated backup of original video files.8. Video de-artifacting, remove compression artifacts.9. Cine tone filter.10. Video de-blocking, remove compression blocking.11. Digital zoom, including special mode 720 on 1080 without rescaling.12. 24p conversion from 50i,50p,25p,60i, and 60p.13. Frame rate correction 30p to 29.97p and 24p to 23.976p.14. High quality slow motion from interlaced and progressive videos.15. Flip video for videos recorded using 35mm adapters.16. 2 and 6 channel full audio processing support.17. Audio extraction to wav files.18. Audio pitch correction when changing frame rates.19. Video image index fully configurable including camera metadata and timecode information.20. Extracts video info and metadata (timecode,aperture,shutter speed,focal lenght *)21. Timecode included in MOV video files.22. Video for Windows codecs compatible.23. Built-in codecs with professional predefined bitrates including pro codecs MJPEG and DNxHD .24. Built-in Avi and Mov output support.25. Built-in video viewer.26. Capture module to record and process videos from tape HDV cameras.Limitations:* Watermark on processed videos* Will process only the first 30 seconds of a video.

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Release Date: 22 July, 2012
OS: Windows
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