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Powerful, flexible signature randomizer for email and news clients; freeware, open source. Supports text, RTF and HTML-formatted signatures. Manages multiple signatures and multiple quote files. Multi-line quotes. Compatible with Unix `fortune'.Signature randomizer and generator for email and news clients. Kookie Jar is a software for Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP which generates signatures you may use with your favorite email or news program. A signature is a small piece of text, automatically attached to every email message or newsgroup posting. It typically includes a random quote - a so-called tagline (a sample tagline file is included with the program). For some strange reason, programmers have always been writing programs to automate creating email signatures. I have no idea why, but it's something of a tradition. Usually, signature managers simply go through a list of taglines, select one at random, and append it to outgoing messages, so that your signature is always different and never boring. KookieJar does that too, but it can do a lot more. Typically, KookieJar starts automatically with Windows, lives in the tray (an icon is placed next to the system clock in the lower right-hand corner of the screen), chooses a new random tagline at a predefined interval, e.g. every 5 minutes, and stores it in your .sig file. Apart from this, KookieJar can place many other pieces of information in your signature. To define the layout of your signature and tell the software what to include in it, you create a special template (sample included). KookieJar can manage not just one signature, but as many as you need. For example, you may wish to use one signature for office email, and another for personal messages. If you speak more than one language, you can have separate signatures for each. if you use more than one email account, you can choose to have a different signature for each account. On top of that, signatures can be generated in three formats: plain text, RTF, or HTML (if your email software supports those formats, and if your recipients do not mind non-text email).Major features:* Ability to maintain an unlimited number of signatures. This is very useful for instance if you need to use one signature for personal email, another for business correspondence, and yet another for Usenet flamewars; or if you write emails in more than one language, you can have separate signatures for each language you use.* Each signature can have a tagline file assigned to it, from which KookieJar will pull random quotes.* Ability to maintain an unlimited number of tagline files. One tagline file may be shared by several signatures, but it is also possible to have a different tagline file for each signature.* Each signature can be saved in up to three formats: plain text, rich text format (RTF) and / or HTML Rich text format signatures are especially suitable for Outlook Express users.* Support for templates (plain text, RTF and HTML). Templates coontain normal text which will be placed in your signature, and special tokens, which are dynamically replaced with various kinds of information.* Almost 30 tokens can be used in templates. Examples of token functionality:- insert a random tagline- insert title and / or artist name for the CD currently playing in your CD-ROM drive- insert current date and / or time- insert Discordian date and time measures (see Erisian Warez page if you're curious)- insert contents of an external file- insert contents of an environment variable- insert output from a console software (i.e. KookieJar will execute the software you specify and include the software output in signature)* Tokens may repeat, e.g. you can have more than one random tagline included in the signature.* Timer operation to automatically create new signatures at intervals that you specify. The timer can be switched off, temporarily or permanently.* Choice of method for selection taglines: random selection, sequential selection, or "random unique" selection (which guarantees that taglines do not repeat until all have been exhausted).* Ability to select taglines manually and search for text in available tagline files.* Taglines may be added, edited and removed while the software is running.* "Load on demand" option to reduce memory usage: taglines will be loaded into memory only when needed, and unloaded immediately afterwards.* Optionally, minimize the software to system tray.* Configurable activation hotkey, to bring up the software window without using the mouse, when KookieJar is minimized to system tray or hidden begind other windows.* Choice of font and background color used for displaying the signatures on screen* Automatic line wrapping at the line length you specify (may also be disabled for particular quotes in the quotes file)* Ability to totally hide the software (optional; icon doesn't show on taskbar or in system tray, but KookieJar can still be invoked with the activation hotkey)* Built-in template editor. You can edit the template in any text editor you like to use, but KookieJar lets you edit the template within the Signature Editor dialog box. You can choose tokens from a drop-down list and have them automatically formatted.* When saving signatures in RTF or HTML format, it is possible to use external "format files" to have your signature formatted precisely the way you want.* Built-in viewer displays your signature as it was actually saved, and is automatically updated whenever the signature is regenerated.* Built-in report browser displays full configuration details and statistics about all available signatures and tagline files.* Automatic installer/uninstaller.* Full Help file is included, with extensive documentation about configuring and using the program.

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Release Date: 28 December, 2012
OS: Windows
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