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Flare is the industry benchmark in multi-channel, single-source publishing. Flare helps documentation experts, technical writers, and Help authors harness the power and benefits of XML without any XML language programming knowledge. Our unique visual editor allows users to write content just like you would in Microsoft Word.Flare is the New Industry Benchmark in Multi-Channel, Single-Source PublishingWith Flare, you have a complete authoring and publishing system with full support for maximum content re-use (single-sourcing) and you can publish to online, desktop, and print formats (multi-channel publishing):1. Topic-based content development2. Content reuse with conditional text, variables, snippets, outlines, and more3. Flexibility with XML and CSSYou can easily create:1. Policy and procedure manuals2. Knowledge bases3. Software documentation including online help with context sensitivity4. Reference books, manuals, or illustrated guides5. Hardware or maintenance manuals6. And moreFlare integrates with all MadCap products so you can extend the power of Flare as your needs grow.1. MadCap Feedback server provides reports on customer usage of your documents2. Mimic, Capture, and Echo provide multimedia publishing integration3. MadCap Lingo enables localization4. Analyzer scans your project for suggestions to improve your project efficiency and consistency, and adds speed to your authoring5. Contribute content using X-Edit Contribute and/or insert comments using X-Edit ReviewYou just won't believe how easy your life can be. Imagine, the power and flexibility of content management but at prices anyone can afford. You choose the specific modules that you need and will actually use. Why didn't someone think of this sooner?Features:Import Existing Content1. Adobe FrameMaker (.fm, .mif, .book)2. Microsoft Word3. HTML/XHTML4. RoboHelp projects5. HTML Help projects6. DITAGenerate Multiple Outputs1. Cross-browser, cross-platform Help (WebHelp or WebHelp Plus)2. Microsoft HTML Help (.chm)3. Help for .NET applications or Windows Vista (DotNet Help)4. Adobe FrameMaker (.fm, .mif, .book)5. Direct PDF (no need for Adobe Distiller or Word 2007)6. Microsoft Word (.xml, .doc)7. Direct XPS and DOCX8. WebHelp AIR (Direct Adobe AIR integration)9. Pure XHTML10. DITAPrint-based Output Features1. Choose between Print and Web layout views2. Page layouts3. Context-sensitive cross-references4. Footnotes5. Topic preview for print-based output types6. Generate headings in output based on TOC structure7. Heading variables (easily insert heading variables, glossary terms, and index terms)8. Hyphenation control9. Mini-TOC for a single chapter or section10. Short line elimination11. Widow and orphan control12. Zoom/scale pages13. Page breaks on table rows14. Image resizing with aspect ratio maintainedTeam Collaboration1. Incorporate document contributions from others2. Send topics out for review and accept or reject changes3. Incorporate/transfer review comments (annotations) into topics4. Contribution templates (contributors use elements and formatting you want)5. Locks (choose areas of content that reviewers can and cannot edit)Multi-Language Support1. Fully Unicode enabled2. Double-byte and Asian language support3. Language support for Eastern European languages4. Seamless integration with MadCap Lingo for easy localizationSingle-Sourcing Features1. Generate multiple targets from one project2. Variables and Snippets (re-usable text and content)3. Single-sourcing of images4. Conditional text (at all levels)5. Style sheets for topics and tables6. Easily synchronize with Word or FrameMaker documents7. Global Project Linking - share and update common elements across multiple projects8. Master style sheets9. Master TOC at project levelEase of Use1. Auto-numbering2. Visual document structure display3. View and edit multiple docs simultaneously4. Command line compiling5. Drag-and-drop table columns and rows6. View, filter, and access all files from a single list7. Disable styles that you do not use8. IntelliSense for matching text, frequent phrases, and variables9. Zip and email projects10. Project toolbar for easy access to common tasks11. Style pick window (quick way to apply styles)12. Open files by dragging from Windows to Flare13. Insert snippets by dragging from Content ExplorerPower and Flexibility1. Advanced reporting with Analyzer (over 20 project-specific reports)2. ASPX, HTML, and other custom file extensions for WebHelp output3. Enhanced Indexing (including index links and auto-indexes, which let you automatically add words and phrases in your project to a generated index)4. Image file format support including .xps, .xaml, .wmf, and .emf (ToDo: List All Formats)5. Context-sensitive Help testing (now available for DotNet Help)6. Wildcard search support for DotNet HelpSource Control Integration1. Direct integration with Microsoft Visual Source Safe and Microsoft Team Foundation Server2. Integration with industry source control systems that use the MS SCC API interface3. Faster server-side search4. Searching of non-XHTML content (Word documents, PDF files, etc.)5. Automatic runtime merging of projects without any in-project workFlare - The New Industry Benchmark in Multi-Channel, Single-Source Publishing1.Add content - Import legacy content from Word , FrameMaker or DITA, leverage existing HTML or XHTML pages, or import content from older authoring applications. Or you can create all new content using the world class editor built into Flare, or use a combination of content import and content creation as needed.2.Define the look of the content - Edit style sheets, create page layouts, add snippets, variables, conditional text, and more, as needed.3.Define the publishing rules - For each document you need to deliver (online, desktop, or print) you create a Publishing Target. This target contains all of the rules and attributes that make this one document unique and is the key to single-sourcing and multi-channel publishing with Flare. Create as many targets as you need for the project.4.Create the target - Output to PDF, XPS, Word , FrameMaker , DITA, XHTML (cross-browser, cross-platform), Microsoft HTML Help, or DotNet Help. Specify the TOC for each target and, optionally, the location of the target when it's built. Flare even includes a command line interface so the creation and publishing of your defined targets can be automated, scripted, or even controlled remotely.

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Release Date: 29 October, 2012
OS: Windows
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