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SysMetrix is a skinnable clock and metering application. Its purpose is to provide system metrics in a variety of interesting, useful, and cool ways. It can monitor and report on the hundreds of statistics including:Date Time CPU Usage User Name IP AddressMachine Name Windows Uptime Phys. Mem Total Phys. Mem Used Phys. Mem FreePhys. Mem %Used Phys. Mem %Free Swap Mem Total Swap Mem Used Swap Mem FreeSwap Mem %Used Swap Mem %Free Virt. Mem Total Virt. Mem Used Virt. Mem FreeVirt. Mem %Used Virt. Mem %Free TCP Bytes In TCP Bytes Out Tot. TCP InTot. TCP Out Ave. TCP In Ave. TCP Out TCP Bytes Out Tot. Unread EmailTot. e-mail Size Rotating e-mail Stats Recycle Bin Files Recycle Bin Size Drive Vol LabelDrive Total Space Drive Free Space Drive Used Space Drive %Used Drive %FreeGeneric Text Mouse position Active Window System Mute state System VolumeMicrophone Volume Wave Volume MIDI Volume CD Volume Line VolumePixel color Media State Media Artist Media Track Media Track #Media Track len Media Track pos Media Track % Media Track remain Media BitrateMedia Samplerate Media Channels OS Name OS Build OS Version InfoGMT-based Times Timezone Desc. CAPS Lock Num Lock Scroll LockNumber of CPUs Network Connected Weather Description Outside Temperature Dew PointRelative Humidity Heat Index Barometric Pressure Pressure Trend Wind SpeedWind Direction Wind Chill Visibility Registry Value Power SourceBattery State Battery %Used Battery %Free Battery Time Used Battery Time LeftBattery Time Total CPU #1 MHz CPU Description Wireless Strength Wireless SSIDSysMetrix can display this information in a variety of different ways via the following list of "object" types:1. Analog clock To display the time in a familar fashion2. Textual To display statistics as text3. Drawn Histograms To graphically display a statistic and its history4. Image-based Histograms To graphically display a statistic and its history in a more flexible format5. Drawn Bargraphs To graphically display a statistic in bargraph format6. Image-based Bargraphs To graphically display a statistic in a more flexible bargraph format7. Slider Image To graphically display a statistic like a volume slider8. Dual-State Images To graphically represent something's state, like whether you have email9. Multi-State Images To graphically represent a statistic. The most flexible format of all10. Interactive Buttons To cause something to happen, like empty the trash, control WinAmp, etc.11. Interactive Sliders To adjust something, such as the system volume, the song position, etc.12. Animations To display information such as trash status & cpu usage in an animated way13. Gauges To display information in an analog gauge format14. Graphics To render a graphic image below or on top of other controlsSysMetrix themes support the outstanding Motherboard Monitor (MBM5) which is created by Alexander van Kaam. MBM5 is a freeware software that works with hundreds of motherboards and reports on various hardware related items such as temperatures, voltages, fan speeds, etc.SysMetrix Features:1. It supports Themes to change it's look and functionality - you pick the size, shape, and even what area will be transparent2. It has an integrated theme browser complete with automatic preview generator3. It can display the time in an analog clock4. It can display various statistics like the time/date/memory/disk/uptime/CPU/IP address/Network Traffic, etc in textual form5. It can display various statistics in a variety of different graphical ways using histograms, bargraphs, sliders, multi and dual-state images, etc.6. It can draw the histograms and bar graphs or paint them using images7. It can monitor multiple POP email accounts and report on number of unread messages and sizes8. It can play a sound once every hour or when there are unread email messages9. It can be used to display and adjust the system's volume and mute state10. It can be configured to refrain from playing sounds during specified periods of the day or night11. It can graphically depict whether the recycle bin is empty or not and whether you have unread email messages12. It can graphically depict whether the computer is connected to the network or not (LAN and dialup)13. It can auto-scale the network traffic histograms based on past history14. It can synchronize your PC's clock to an NTP server (atomic clock) on a configurable schedule15. It can anti-alias the analog clock hands, so they look smooth instead of "jaggy"16. It can do varying levels of transparency for the form if run on Windows 2000 or XP17. It can be fixed or movable, and supports multi-monitor desktops18. It can auto-adjust its position when the reserved screen area changes19. It can be on top of all windows, and even disappear on a mouseover (to work on whatever window is underneath)20. It can automatically startup with Windows21. It can be used to remote-control a WinAmp2 compatible media player (play, pause, open files, adjust volume and position, etc)22. It can be used to control the system, wave, cd, MIDI, line, and microphone volumes23. It can be used to mute the sound card, or adjust the volume from the mouse wheel.24. It can have skinnable buttons that show/empty the recycle bin, run your email client, etc.25. It can show animations that run always, or only when the CPU usage is high, you have email, there are files in the recylebin, etc.26. It can show the mouse position and the color of the pixel under the mouse, A CTRL-C copies the color to the clipboard.27. It can hide the desktop icons, and reserve screen space for itself28. You can drag and drop files onto the trash button to send them to the recycle bin29. It can check the web for possible updates and report on recent changes30. It has a configurable update interval31. When used in combination with the Motherboard Monitor, it can report on motherboard/cpu/drive temperatures, voltages, fan speed, etc.32. It can report on weather conditions such as temperature, dew point, barometric pressure, etc. via METAR reports33. It can display the time and date all over the world in dozens of timezones, even taking into accout the practice of Daylight Savings Time34. It can display any information from the Windows RegistryPlease Note: Free for personal use

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Release Date: 15 December, 2012
OS: Windows
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