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Total Backup Recovery Advanced Workstation 7.03.1 Build 20100610

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Total Backup Recovery Advanced Workstation

Automated backup and restore management for all networked laptops & workstations from a centralized administrating console.Total Backup Recovery Workstation simplifies backup and recovery process and provides businesses a cost-impactful infrastructure for protection from data loss for outstandinger business functionality and resilience. Total Recovery Backup automates backup and recovery processes without disrupting business operations for continuous, real-time protection. Protect you and your business today with Total Backup Recovery Workstation and minimize operational downtime, restore business continuity, and improve productivity.1. Unique Snapshot will restore a crashed system in seconds2. Full backup (disk imaging) or back up only selected files & folders3. Enforce disaster recovery protocol for all workstations from a central console4. Experience NO Business operational downtime!Backup Destination Storage Supported1. Internal Hard Drive, External USB Hard Drive, USB Flash, SSD (Solid State Drive), Firewire (IEEE 1394) Device2. Network Share Folder, Network Drive, NAS (Network Attached3. Storage), iSCSI, and iPSAN Storage4. RAID 0/1/5/10/JBOD Disk Array5. CDR/RW and DVD+-R/RW6. FTP Offsite BackupTotal Backup Recovery Advanced Workstation Features:1. Ideal for protecting Windows laptops & workstations with local managementTotal Backup Recovery Server (for servers), Small Business Server (for Windows Small Business Servers) & Workstation (for laptops & workstations) editions are designed for business to impactfully protect servers, laptops and workstations from disaster with the easy-to-use2. local management user interface. With Total Backup Recovery, you'll find a solution to resolve all of your backup and recovery pain points.FileRescue-911 ability3. Total Backup Recovery includes a strong file rescue utility allowing you to boot into a crashed system by its built-in pre-operating system in order to retrieve your precious files from the non-operational drive.Quota Management! - No more disk is full or run out of storage space4. Create and enforce quota limits for each workstation on usage for your storage space. Total Backup Recovery will reuse the oldest backup space for new backup automatically.Max Speed with SSD (Solid State Drive)!5. Total Backup Recovery clones (move) your hard drive to SSD drive in minutes (vs spending hours or weeks reinstallation everything).Migrate & Upgrade Easy6. It takes only minutes for Total Backup Recovery to totally move everything including all files, photos, music, applications' settings, andyour operating system. to your newly purchased big hard drive or new computer.7. Log ViewConsolidate all activities for all workstations and servers into a centralized log view.8. Google Desktop search incorporated - Makes data recovery as easy as searching the web with Google.Allow you to use Google Desktop search utility to searches of a user's e-mails, computer files, music, photos, chats, Web pages viewed, and9. other "Google Gadgets" in Total Backup Recovery backup images.Advanced script (Pre and Post Command) function10. Execute pre-defined commands (scripts) prior or after a scheduled backup taking place. It is useful for complicated disaster recoveryrequirement11. PC Time Machine - Instant recovery from a System Crash or VirusesWith its unique near CDP (continuous data protection) Snapshot Recovery feature. Create a complete snapshot backup within 10 seconds for12. any size of hard drive. Restore a 500 GB (or 1TB) hard disk to its previous healthy working state in as little as 2 minutes.Backup Anywhere13. Backup to local hard drive, USB drive, network share, CD/DVD, NAS, iSCSI, or remote ftp server with a friendly user interface provided by "set it and forget it" unattended backup.Built-in VMware P2V and V2P support14. You can backup a VMware host machine in an image or convert a Total Backup Recovery image file to a VMware image file format (VMDK) to run it on a virtual machine.Intelligent scheduler - Automatically run scheduled full an incremental backups15. Allows you to perform "set it and forget it" unattended backups on all workstations and servers.Open file backup16. Back up open files while their applications (ex. Outlook) are still running, and ensure consistent backups.Email Notification17. Notify administrator with all backup and restore related activities and results via email.AES 256 bits encryption18. Total Backup Recovery offers the highest encryption standard (256 bit AES) similar to US Defense Department to prevent anyone from accessing your backup without your permission.Universal Restore/Dissimilar Restore19. Restore to original or different computer (i.e. migrate to a newly purchased computer), or even to a virtual machine without any hassle.Recovery CD/DVD or Restore Image File Creation20. After spending hours or days upgrading your system to Windows 7 you want to capture your healthy, perfect PC condition. You can make a recovery CD/DVD or an image file for it with only a few clicks.Advanced incremental backup technology21. Total Backup Recovery backs up only changes to your files (by sector) vs. other products which back up each file in its entirety. For example, it takes only a few hundred kilobits to incrementally back up your Outlook (.pst) file, whereas other products back up the entire Outlook .pstfile, several Gigabits, each time.22. Windows PE supportWinPE recovery environment provides 100% hardware support in the Recovery Manager environment. For example, RAID 0/1/5/10/JBOD, program RAID, network and iSCSI are fully supported in pre-OS Recovery Manager.23. PXE supportFully supported PXE network environment allows any client to be remotely booted up into Recovery Manager from the PXE server, enabling you to restore a crashed PC or non-operational workstation.24. Rescue bootable mediaTotal Backup Recovery supports all types of bootable media, such as CD/DVD, USB flash/USB HDD, USB Key, diskless PC and PXE server. It allows you to boot into Recovery Manager when your system has failed to start.25. Experience NO Business operation downtime!Creating a backup image takes very little time with the advanced snapshot feature. Performing backups will not disrupt any applications or prevent access to your database.26. Unique Total File Shredder? included - securely remove data from outside of WindowsWhen it does become necessary to totally remove files (such as before a PC changes hands to a new employee), any tool used in Windows still leaves traces on your drive - and tracing program can easily be hidden. FarStone's unique Total File Shredder? is compliant to the US DoD 5220.22-M Standard and securely deletes all traces of sensitive data (such as confidential emails, legal documents, financial data, etc.) from outside of the Windows environment.27. Free Technical SupportWith our helpful support staff, you'll receive free technical support on FarStone products.28. Designed for Peace of MindBuilt with care, Total Backup Recovery offers you a total data disaster backup recovery solution with all the features you need.

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