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For program designers or software developers a powerful and easy to use text and code editor is a very important tool that they must have. The standard text editor that comes along with the operating system provides very basic functions for us. It does not meet our need for editing complicated code. Is there a full-functions text and code editor that can meet most need of us? Yes, of course! Here is an excellent and easy to use text and code editor for us. That is TotalEdit. Following is the detailed presentation of this full-featured professional source editor.TotalEdit is a powerful notepad replacement and code editor. Packed full of features to help everyone from office workers, journalists through to programmers and web site editors. It is perfect for editing web sites (including PHP, HTML, Javascript, Ruby, JSP), analyzing databases (including Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL), file and hex editing, programming and AutoCad development with support for AutoLISP and DCL. It can help us work faster with features including Auto-Completion, Code-Folding, Language specific Syntax-Coloring, Plug-in External Compilers like Javac, Preview Web Pages, fully customizable environment, spell checker and much more. It also supports connecting, browsing and editing files on remote servers using either FTP or SSH. The key functions and benefits of this great professional source editor include:With TotalEdit we can connect to any FTP, SSH and FTPS enabled server. Explore a remote server using the built-in browser. Connection manager enables us to save and edit our frequently used connections. Create new, upload and edit existing documents.With TotalEdit we can connect to any Microsoft OLEDB and ODBC supported database. Run many queries at the same time. Menu commands to manage database transactions. Navigate databases using the built-in explorer. Drag and drop database names from the explorer into our query documents to speed our SQL development.TotalEdit supports unicode. With it we can edit both Unix and Microsoft unicode formats also known as Little-Endian and Big-Endian. There is also support for UTF-8 and we can explicity identify the script/chacterset to use. For example when selecting a font we declare to include Hebrew or Arabic additions.TotalEdit has built-in tools and explorers. We can add external tools and assign a menu item and keyboard shortcut to it. Enhance with built-in commands to target tool output to a document or dedicated window plus pass the active file path to it. The tools and explorers include: Hex (Binary) Editor; Project Manager; Code Function List Explorer; Database Explorer and so on.The Project Management Explorer of TotalEdit allows us to view a single directory on our computer. We can organize, create, delete files and folders, which is immediately reflected on our computer. We can quickly switch between any number of folders setup in the project explorer. Use folders to aid with the organization of our files. Add and remove files from the Project Management Explorer. Drag and drop any file or subfolder inside of the project explorer. Quickly open any file by double-clicking on it.TotalEdit supports Macros. We can record all file editing tasks into Macros and save. View all saved macros and replay at any time. And assign shortcuts to any macro.For security TotalEdit provide powerful backup and version comparison functions. Three different file backup modes including: On save do not back up the file. Simple Backup: backup the last saved file and append the .bak extension to it. The bak file is saved to the same folder. Advanced Backup: Configure the number of versions that we would like to persist. For example each time a file is saved the file on disk will be backed up to a designated location. Afterward the active document can be compared with any past saved version.TotalEdit includes a spell checker. We can Select a dictionary to check with through TotalEdit's properties. Check an individual word, phrase or entire document. Add words to our own private dictionary for future use.Additional features of TotalEdit include: Email the active document; Context menu integration with Windows File Explorer; Menu commands to open and close documents quickly; Color the tabs of files with the same extension and much more!For people who need a powerful and easy to use text and code editor, TotalEdit is a great choice because it makes complicated and heavy edit tasks quite simple. Either way, it's a great choice. With all these features, simple interface, excellent usability - why are you still reading? Download the free trial now and experience how powerful and effective it is at once!TotalEdit is a strong notepad replacement and text editor. It is perfect for text, web editing including PHP, HTML, Javascript, etc.Make editing simple with TotalEdit the professional code editor for Windows. This unique tool allows you to edit many languages including PHP, C , C++, Java, HTML, ASP, JSP, CSS, Javascript, Perl, Python, Ruby, Pascal and SQL. Features include code folding, syntax coloring (including embedded scripts e.g. javascript), code compare, hex editor, unicode support, column editing, word wrap, find in files, file backup, etc.File Editing and Tools Feature:Unicode support. Edit both Unix and Microsoft Unicode formats also known as Little-Endian and Big-Endian. There is also support for UTF-8 and you can explicity identify the script/chacterset to use. For example when selecting a font you declare to include Hebrew or Arabic additionsBroad range of cut, copy, insert, delete and paste functions to target individual text, lines, and appendMenu commands to insert Date, Time, Current File Name and Current File PathLanguage or code language specific document commentingSwitch between the desired line-endings and document encoding. The editor support Windows, Unix and Mac line ending formats plus Standard, ITF-8, UTF-16LE and UTF16-BE encoding typesBuilt-in Tools & Explorers Feature:Add external tools and assign a menu item and keyboard shortcut to it. Enhance with built-in commands to target tool output to a document or dedicated window plus pass the active file path to itFile Comparison. Compare two files to visually witness the differences between the two.File comparison supports the following:Compare two different filesCompare the active document with a different fileCompare the last saved version with a different fileCompare the active document with its last saved versionHex (Binary) Editor. Edit software and other types of file using the hex editorExplorer Windows that aid the editing of any document including;Project ManagerTarget any folder on your computer to gain quick and easy access to your files. Multiple directories can be declared, which can be selected to quickly view a different set of files. For example you can create a different folder for each project and manage the files separatelyFile System ExplorerOpen File ListHTML and ASCII Lists to help with web page creationFind In FilesSearch all files on your computer for words and phrases from inside of TotalEdit ProTool OutputAny output of an external tool configured to run inside of TotalEdit Pro can be sent to this windowCode Function List ExplorerAutomatically scans programming files for its functions to aid with navigation through the active documentIf the function list is supported pressing Ctrl+Space will open an auto-complete list of functions to help with codingDatabase ExplorerConnect to any number of databases and explorer their structure including tables, procedures, views and indexes. The explorer is limited by the permissions assigned to your database account and driver usedProject Explorer Feature:The Project Management Explorer allows you to view a single directory on your computer. You can organize, create, delete files and folders, which is immediately reflected on your computerQuickly switch between any number of folders setup in the project explorerUse folders to aid with the organization of your filesAdd and remove files from the Project Management ExplorerDrag and drop any file or subfolder inside of the project explorerQuickly open any file by double-clicking on itCustomization & Configuration Feature:Every built in function and command can be assigned a button on the application&pos;s toolbarShow, Hide or minimize any docked windowAdd or remove tabs assigned to each documentChange the orientation of the document tabsCustomizeKeyboard shortcutsToolbars and their buttonsCreate your own toolbarsAdd and remove any menu itemSwitch between large and small toolbar buttonsPlug-in external tools and assign menu items and toolbar buttons to themConfiguration editor optionsControl how tab characters should be added to your files. Either as Spaces or tab charactersControl how large a tab show be displayed in the editorHighlight the line with the active cursor (caret) resides and configure its color and transparencyConfigure the use of header, footer and line number during printingEnable the remembering of files on close. Automatically open these file when TotalEdit startsEdit the file extension in the open and save windowsEdit the colors used by the syntax highlightingSelect a default syntax coloring schemeSelect the default spell checker dictionaryEnable the resetting of the undo history on saveEnable file backing upChange the window style and design of TotalEditAdd a long line marker. For example identify where the 80th column is locatedSearch & Replace Feature:Search and replace using regular expressionsMultiline search and replace. Search for text that is split across one or more lines by using the ^n string to represent a line breakWrap around searches. Search the entire document regardless of where you start your querySelect between searching upward or downward through your documentSearch the entire document or just a selectionReplace All. Change all found copies of your search text with a new valueFind and replace using regular expressionsFind-in-FilesSearch of any value stored in all files found on your computer. Limit your search or specific folders or include everythingQuickly jump to the file and line of text found by Find-in-Files through the results windowCase sensitive searchesBookmark all found resultsQuickly navigate to last selected text through menu and toolbar buttonsMacros Feature:Record all file editing tasks into Macros and saveView all saved macros and replay at any timePrinting & Preview Feature:Full color print previewAdd header, footer and line numbers to printed outputInternet browser preview of text documentsFull color printingAutomatic line wrapping of any printed output. Also seen in the print previewBackup & Version Comparison Feature:Three different file backup modes including:On save do not back up the fileSimple Backup: backup the last saved file and append the .bak extension to it. The bak file is saved to the same folderAdvanced Backup: Configure the number of versions that you would like to persist. For example each time a file is saved the file on disk will be backed up to a designated location. Afterward the active document can be compared with any past saved versionAdvanced backup: Configure the number of backup version associated with a fileAdvanced backup: Specify the location where backups are savedAdvanced backup: Configure the deletion of back files each time TotalEdit closes or by commandAdvanced backup: Review document back history and compare with the active documentText Formatting Feature:Menu commands;To change any document text by the following meansChange text to upper and lower caseSwap tabs for spaces and spaces for tabsRemove trailing spacesSwap selected linesAdd and remove indentationFormat with built-in HTML, XHTML and XML tidy. This is configurableProgrammatically comment and uncomment text

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Release Date: 08 December, 2012
OS: Windows
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